Sony CRX195E1

Hi there!

This place is a wealth of info. :slight_smile:
As you guess, i also have a problem.
I have tried searching for answers but can’t find what i’m looking for - and i’m relatively new to burning.

I read that DMA is better than PIO? Anyway, if i do enable DMA on for HD it stuffs up windows after i restart and i end up reintstalling windows. This happened twice long time ago.

I there is no DMA option for my acer50x and my sony40x12x48 in Device Properties. And i get burn speeds of around 18x on 40x rated media (TDK).

My system:
Gig.Tech. i440BX (havent updated BIOS tho),
Matrox MGA-G200,
SB PCI 64,
Windows95 with OSR udate + the IDE update suggested by a moderator.

I installed the sony drive on a win98, celeron 633, Gig.Tech. i810e but there was still no option for DMA.

Help appreciated!

what type of hard drive do you have? if it doesnt use dma then everything on the same channel as it will only run at the hard drives current transfer mode windows 95 is buggy with dma sometimes even with the patch

I have a Seagate Medallist 8.6G. (ATA33)
During startup there is a table in DOS showing my config and it shows UDMA on my HD, CDROM & CD-RW…does this mean it supports DMA?

i forgot to mention this in my first post try installing the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard if u last installed them before u applied the dma fix for win 95 then they didnt install the dma drivers u need most likely

Why does my acer50x, and my (cyberdrive) 36x run sooooo slow in the Nero CD tests? I figure its just CRAP? I hate false advertising. My new Sony RW runs the fastest.

it comes down to luck bc your sony drive wasnt even made by sony ive got the sony crx185 and its the worst burner ive ever owned when it comes down to reliability abd media compatibility

the hardware is great but sonys firmware sucks royally

well i installed win2000 and and it enables UDMA on all my IDE devices - WOOHOO my burner was flying!

Arkan, there’s a wesite that has all the sony firmware you need by someone at these forums - forgot his name tho