Sony CRX195E1 ZYS3 to 48x CD-R mode?



How do I flash my CRX195E1 rev ZYS3 to the Lite-On LTR-48125W?
I can’t find the firmware files necessary to do so.

Thanks in advance


download this:


hey thanks a lot. My drive used to be really sluggish in ejecting, reading, and writing.
I just continued a multi-session disc (that was burned pre-VSOD) at 40x and that thing FLEW. :eek:


Just in case you didn’t know, Sony CD-RW drives have a feature called TurboBoost which causes them to limit burning speed and reading speed to less than the maximum that the drive is capable of until you hold the eject button for a few seconds to turn this feature off.

The improved speed that you noticed may have come from a change in writing strategy such as Z-CLV to P-CAV


How do I know if turboboost is engaged?


N/m another site says that when the LED is orange, it’s in turbo boost mode. I saw the orange LED when it was burning a CD, just when the drive sounded like a turbine spooling up. :a


liteon firmwares are better than sony ones. you don’t have to hold the eject button to enable highspeed burning and the drive doesn’t sound like a helicopter.


Thx u for Smile on my Face =]


Can you please reupload this file?



It would be better to let the user know just what you did, as that kind of information does not expire (and that kind of information is also more generalizable and thus useful; for example, the procedure below for the CRX195E1 -> LTR-48125S conversion is the same as, say, the DRU-800A -> SOHW-1693S conversion)…

1/ Download the official 1S07 updater for the LTR-48125S from LiteOn’s website.
2/ Download FlashFix.
3/ Unzip the LTR-48125S updater from LiteOn, drag it into FlashFix, and then run it after FlashFix says it’s done.