Sony crx195e1 help

Hey I am having trouble with my crx195e1. I got it from my roomate that just burned a cd with it. I had the same drive and it was doing the same thing. When I put a cd in the drive it is not reconized. The light blinks twice, pauses then blinks twice again and stops. I have checked the bios and it reconizes the drive. Windows recognizes the drive and does not show a conflict. I updated the firmware with one that was recomended on this sight and it did nothing. I need some help here. I thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

Oh I posted it here because I am new and didn’t know where to put this.


Sony CRX195E/A1
Sony CRX-195E/A1 (40x12x48) - ZYS2, ZYS3, ZYS5
OEM Liteon LTR-40125S

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so you have the latest firmware ZYS5 ? are all cables and jumpers connected to the drive configured correctly vis-a-vis master/slave setup ?

That is where i got the firmware. Yes all the cables are plugged in and I have it set to master, with my second hard disk set to slave.

ideally both HDDs are best connected as master/slave on IDE 1, optical drives on IDE 2. might make a difference. unlikely though


Did you try to run the HD as “master” and the burner as “slave” (switching them around)?

Are you using a 80 wire IDE cable?

Are jumpers set to “master” and “slave” NOT “cable select”?

You should be able to solve this-


I did swap them around, on both IDE controllers as both master and slave. It is odd that both windows and my bios recognize the drive but cannot operate it. After I reinstalled windows 2000 it recignized a cd once then stopped working. Any Ideas?

if possible try the drive in another PC and see if itz working

Yes it works in my roomates pc. I’m really puzzled. Is it possible software problems, or a interupt conflict. Let me know. I know that someone out there meust know what is going on.