Sony CRX195A1

I just bought this drive & I came across this
But I can’t find any Real info! Something solid, Hard to find on the Sony. And I don’t want to do anything to screw it up, But if i can make it work better or even faster, That would be nice! This drive after Rebates will only be $30! Hard to go wrong for that. Any info appreciated! Nice forum… Oh yeah I posted here because this Sony is supposedly a Liteon, But I’ve not been able to verify that either.

Where will you get this drive for only $30?!

Heh, I never even saw that news post! :smiley: That must have been where all of the traffic came from.

I already got the drive! And I posted the whole deal over here.,4432829~root=hotdeals~mode=flat

That’s a darn good deal!