Sony CRX195A1 & Verbatim CRW-5224A



I have 2 CD-RWs to pick from…
The Sony CRX195A1 & Verbatim CRW-5224A… I think the Verbatim is an Asus… SN: 2CD204561.
The Sony is a 40x/12x/48x, Verbatim is a 52x/24x/52x.

I am wondering if either of these drives are Lite-On, which model, and if I can update either of the firmware to Lite-On.
Which drive should I put in my computer?


I believe the Sony is a Lite-On drive. The Verbatim drive may be made by one of several manufacturers, such as ASUS and Lite-On.

If you buy a Sony or Verbatim drive that is made by Lite-On, you can flash it with Lite-On firmware. This probably does invalidate your warranty, though.


In the box for a CRX195A1 can be either a CRX195E1 (Lite-ON) or a CRX195E4 (Ricoh/AOpen)

A Verbatim CRW-5224A would be an Asus, but Verbatim also sells Lite-ON’s sometimes.


in nero the Sony was detected as a CRX-195E1, so i can use the lite-on firmware?


It sounds like you can use the Lite-On firmware. Make sure you back up your original firmware with MTKFlash if you decide to flash with Lite-On firmware.


aright thanks, so are you guys recommending that i use the sony/lite on instead of the verbatim/asus even though the asus has a higher burn speed? or will the firmware bump the sony/lite on a bit?




the sony can be flashed up to 48x12x48, so that narrows the speed differential to a few seconds.


The 52x drives are superior to the 40x vintage in a number of ways, however the ASUS is not up to the LiteOn in terms of burn quality and media compatability. Any particular reason why you are limited to these 2 drives?


I am limited to these 2 drives because one is mine and the other my brothers. Depending on which drive is better, I will be using that one. So the Sony is better than the Asus?


I would not say that the Sony is better, it is an older vintage than the ASUS. If you were comparing 2 52x drives, the LiteOn would be a clear winner. I would rest them both in your system using the same media, or a variety of the same media, and keep the one that has the lowest error rates. If there is no clear winner in the error rates, keep the ASUS because it’s able to read and rip very fast. In terms of reading protections, they are much the same, although the sony might need to be flashed to LiteOn firmware for the best performance.