Sony CRX185E3 L08F firmware needed

Made a mess of backing up and the backup file I have is only 64kb. I tried flashing it to a lite-on but it didn’t work at all. I therefore require a binary file to flash back to my Sony CRX185E3 L08F

If you are able to aquire the file then please send it to where it will be very much appreciated…

Thanks in advance…


Thank you very much. :bow: Works 100%. I can’t stress enough that the CRX185 “E3” cannot be updated to a Lite-on and remember to use the /M switch when backing up your flash chip using Mtkflash.

can someone please mail it to me too


thanks Dave

Could someone please send it to me too?

Originally posted by Grestep
[B]Could someone please send it to me too? [/B]

Yeah. I am putting it online now since so many people request it.

send me original firmware, please

Thanks. :confused:

dhc014, Big thanks!!!