Sony CRX185E1

My internal CD-RW (Sony CRX185E1) periodically freezes my system after ripping cds to iTunes or Win-Media Player. If I leave my computer frozen for a few hours it will unfreeze and give me the error message saying that I have unplugged/ejected a device without first stopping it–although I swear that I haven’t opened up my computer housing and ripped the wires out of it. Checking my even viewer I see that my atapi (my sony CD-RW) device is generating the following error every ten minutes or so: The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period. Now whether this actually happens before or after the freeze, I don’t know. But this is driving me crazy! I am running Windows 2000 on a Gateway Pentium 400 (ohhh yeah…a pentium 400 I know you’re jealous :bigsmile: )

When it’s frozen the keyboard won’t respond so I have to turn the computer off manually to use it…fragmenting my drives…which is lovely. :frowning: Lastly I tried to contact Sony about this and besides trying to strongarm me into giving them all of my personal information they refused to do anything because they only offer free support for one year…of course I can pay for customer support. Guess who will NEVER buy Sony crap again (ok besides PS2 and PS3 stuff)…oh yeah…that’s right…me. Please help.