Sony crx185e1 a liteon?

I have purchased a sony 32x crx185e1 drive, it sure looks like a liteon front panel / rear / labels etc. on clone site it states correct efm writing raw 96 etc. etc. same stuff as liteon so Im pretty sure it is ? The firm ware is XYS2. what liteon is it comparable to and what liteon can I overclock it up to max. ? I have backed up the firmware so what bin file do I now need to flash back?
thanks any reply appreciated !

It is not a Lite-ON

Some are, and some are BTC’s, so it seems.

I’ll say the opposite: it’s a Lite-On LTR-32123S and not overclockable.

thanks o c freak I thought it was a liteon. why is it not over clockable .I thought if a drive had the mediatek chipset it was ?

It’s the series “3” series which supports 32X max writing.

If it was the series “5” it would have gone to 48X…

But since it’s the series “3” you are out of luck…

Whoops, thanks for the correction OC-Freak.