SONY CRX175E2 s002 questions

I read the FAQs, searched the forums and found a lot concerning the Sony (made by Lite-on) CRX175A1. I also linked to the sites suggested.

My drive is a CRX175E2, which drive-info and others shows has a Firmware of s002, a number I’ve not seen anywhere. Officially, Sony shows no upgrades of this 24/10/40 drive, either on their US or Japanese sites.

I’d love to get whatever boost I can until I buy a new drive in 6 months or so, since I only burn 10-15 cds a month. My earlier LG, labeled as a Compaq doubled in burn speed with an LG BIOS, from all of 2x to 4x! :slight_smile:

What’s with the strange BIOS #? I’ve seen other 175’s showing either the Lite-on or v1.0/1.1b, but not this s002. Who the heck made this thing?

BTW: It works great, clones cd’s very well, all things considered, and never hiccups under XP Pro.

Love the forums, great info here, and thanks for reading/responding to my question!

This is most likely not a Lite-ON. Try extracting the firmware with mtkflash. If it works, send me the file.

thanks for the help!

I used mtkflash, properly I hope:
MTKFLASH 4 R /B /M sony.bin

and every other permutation possible, but this util did not pull any info or even recognize the chipset on the CD-R. Funny, even the chipset on my DVD came closer to giving up the code, even activating the drive light, etc. :slight_smile:

I suppose I could go around trying every other chipset util I can find, but it probably won’t gain me anything. I was hoping for the little performance boost of the Lite-on re-coding, but since that’s not going to happen, I think I’ll leave it be until/unless I find some other info.

mtkflash works with many DVD-ROM drives as well…