Sony CRX175E

Hi, I was wondering.

This game is listed in that List (can’t point to a specific one, sorry) that the CRX175E2 (which I think I have, it doesn’t say except in device manager, and Device manger doesn’t have the 2).

It says it can’t write EFM encodings or something.

Does this mean I can’t backup mafia or BF1942 properly?


Don’t have Mafia but my BF1942 is protected with SafeDisk v2.60.052. You most likely will not be able to copy this as your burner is “no sheep” for correct efm. You must use “allow aws” to have a chance at burning it correctly.

Mafia is Safedisc 2.70. Chances are you won’t have any luck by any normal means. Perhaps you can try Betablocker to Patch the weak sectors, however, I am not sure if Betablocker will work with Safedisc 2.70. Perhaps somebody like Philamber or Futureproof can answer that for you.