Sony Crx175a2




I bought this drive hoping that it would burn at 24x but does 24x write really take 10 mins to burn a full CD.

Im kinda pissed that I bought this now, I thought it was a memory problem, but I think its the drive.

I dont know what to do now, has this happened to anyone before.
How can I fix this speed problem?

My PC does meet and exceed the required specs.

And Im using the software that sony gave me, B's recorder gold.

Again does anyone know what the problem is with this drive?



Did you burn a cdr or a cdr-w?


are you testing before you burn?


this is what I do,

I put in a CD-R 700mb 80min.

I burn the CD and I time it straight from the beginning to when the CD drive opens.

And it takes 10mins.

Im not testing before I burn.

I burn it off the fly, the file straight to the disc, instead of making an image file then burning that.

Cant think of what other information to give you.

I hope someone know what the problem is, could it be my processor?
I got a AMD athlon 600mhz and the required specs are for a pentium 2 400mhz.


Okay new things have happened since I’ve last been here, which was about 30mins ago.

I used nero to burn a CD 700mb and it took 9mins 27secs.
Using B’s recorder gold it took 10mins 17secs.

Am I correct in saying that everyone that is burning at 24x (3,600 kb/s) can burn roughly a 700mb CD in about 4 mins?

This is not just using a sony burner any burner going at 24x speed write.

When I was using nero the used read buffer would go up and down alot, one second it would be 99% next it would 17%.

I was reading that this happened to someone and he used ricoh’s firmware for his sony drive and it worked.

They say that sony drives are actually re-packages ricoh drives.

I dont really care, I just want my burner to write at the correct speed.

Can anyone tell me what would happen if I installed a firmware that was supposed to be for another drive, what would happen to my burner?



Seems that your buffer-underrun protection kicks in…is dma enabled for your writer?

I have the same drive and flashed it with Ricoh firmware…it’s recognised as a Ricoh in device manager now…no special improvements afterwards…


no the DMA is not enabled should I enable it?

Yeah I flashed mine as well and nothing happened, still exactly the same, so I changed it back.

I was reading somewhere that some of us with 24x cant burn at that speed coz its too fast and so you have to have burn proof on which slows it down, otherwise you’ll get a coaster.

Something like that. Cant really remember word for word.


Enable dma and ignore the warning you get…your drive is capable of burning with dma ON…your drive’s burning speed will increase…:slight_smile:

PS:do you still have the Sony firmware ?I forgot to backup mine…:o


Sorry I did back it up but I deleted it.

Is there some way to back it up without changing the firmware?
If there is then I’ll be happy to send you it.

You got the exact same drive right? how fast do you burn a 700mb CD? going at 24x?


I just wanna thank roadworker for fixing my drive.
All it was, was the DMA setting all I had to do was enable it, seems so stupid like that could make my thing burn faster, I thought my drive was broken or there was a software problem.

So thank you.