Sony crx175a/A1 and SD2, SecuRom

I recently purchased the Sony crx175a/A1…I am just posting this to see if I made a wise decision…

Does anyone know if this burner is SD2, SecuRom compliant?

Thanks for the help

Sorry but the Sony’s are worst when it comes to SafeDisc 2… SecuRom shouldn’t be a problem (it can read and write the full SubChannel Data).

Man, I don’t want some piece of garbage burner…I dont care how fast it runs. Do you have any suggestions on burners? (models)

Like, what burners are best suited for overcoming the ‘problems’ of SD2 and SecuRom?

Thanks for your help

The Plextor PX-W2410A and the LiteOn 24102B. Both drives have been mentioned numerous times on the forum… And both drives were reviewed by CD Freaks. Check the frontpage

Heck yeah…I took my Sony back the day I got the post, and my Liteon is on order, baby…I can’t wait to get it.

Thanks for all the help!