Sony CRX175 - overburning - how?

can anyone tell me or help me to find a firmware for the Sony CRX 175 cause i want to write some 82 min cds. but every software denies to work with projects with more than 80 mins.


Are you talking about the CRX175E, or the CRX175A1?

CRX 175A
that’s what Nero Says when it is running,
but it does not say CRX 175A1

The 175A was just the boxed version.
The 175A1 was OEM. Or was that the other way around?

Either way. It’s the same drive.

Look for information on BTC drives, cos that’s what you got. A rebadged BTC drive that sells for 1/2 the price of the sony drive.

Lets all buy sony and make the world a better place! LOL

No, the CRX175A1 is not a BTC, it is a Lite-ON LTR-24102b.

The CRX175E is most likely a BTC drive.