Sony CRX175 definition problem ?!

Hi- I have a Sony burner - the baggage says CRX175A2 and the burner itself on its case says “CRX175E2” - which one actually is it… and the most important which firmware should I put onto it - and is it possible to get it work a little faster. In the past I tried to put different firmware on it like the RICOH MP7240A - and it works - but I only get 12x speed - although its supposed to work @ 24x - please help me - thx a lot !!


Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> (Hardware) Device manager, select CD/DVD drives (under WinXP). What drive does Windows report ? That’s your drive.

Sorry - but you did’nt undestand - maybe it’s my fault for not writing detailed information.
I definately own a SONY CRX175A2 - at the moment I am using the mentioned RICOH firmware - but it only works @ 12x - so I am interested in which firmware I should put onto it to get it working @ higher speed - or at least factory supposed 24x - thx a lot and sorry for any misunderstandings - :sad:

greets -