Sony CRX168B OEM Manufacturer

Does anyone know what company, if there is, originally manufactures the Sony CRX168B cd-rw burner? I’ve read here that LiteOn might have manufactured the drive, but I am not completely positive.

If you could provide your information along if there are any firmware downloads, original and patched.


With a firmware version of 1.0a, it’s most unlikely to be Liteon!

Any suggestions on what company did make this drive?

It looks, from some online translations, as if it may be one of Sony’s own, in the small group that did DD-CD (a Sony media) - is there a “1.3Gb” on the tray front?

No, it does not.

I’ve noticed that Sony didn’t use the OEM faceplates, but instead probably used their own design. On a DVD-rom drive I own from Sony, BTC OEM, has the same faceplate as the cd burner, but I am not completely sure if the burner is a BTC OEM also. So back to sqaure one.

Picture of drive below.