Sony CRX160E



I just bought a new system containing the Sony CRX160E CDRW drive and was wondering how it shapes up in comparison to other burners. I used to own a Yamaha CDR401t 6R 4R and I found it to be very reliable over the years but it just got too slow after a while. So far the Sozy has been great but I haven't tried to copy protected CDs yet.

Do any of you guys own one of these? What are your thoughts?

I know its no Plextor but for the money I paid, it seems really good. :slight_smile:


Maybe this link helps out a bit:


Sometimes my own genius amazes me! Lucky I thought of it! LOL

Im stupid sometimes, I should know that theres a nice feature on nearly every forum called โ€˜searchโ€™.

Thanks Taxman! :wink: