Sony CRX160E-A1

Anyone here have a Sony CRX160E-A1 ?

I am gonna get this drive for free, anyone know if its a 1 sheep; 2 sheep; or 0 sheep burner?

I know I can do the sheep test on it but my friend and I are swapping drives and I can choose an older hard drive (6gigs) instead. If anyone knows that would help me in my selection.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this predate the Sony CRX175A1?

Confirmed Sony rebadged Liteys are listed here.

Its exact model is CRX160E and funny thing is that it does look just like the Litey drives. Does that help any in knowing what it can handle?

It’s a RAW DAO+96 reader and writer but no-sheep :Z

Ehh, its still an upgrade, I will take it in place of the 6.4gig drive. Thanks ever so much FP, I will run the sheep test anyhow just for fun and report back :wink:

Well ASPI is correctly installed. CDRIdentifer and various other cdr media reading software I have, find and report cd dye and mfg correctly. So I know the drive reads ATIP.

However, Age of Mythology runs without the need of Hide CDR Media enabled. I do not have any other software like Alcohol or Blindwrite installed which have blocking capapbility if ATIP, such as the CloneCD Tray.

So why does AOM run sttright of this burner? Is it a fault in the protection or just a strange Software/Hardware combo that Safedisc 2.70.30 fails with.

No other drive I have that is a burner can run the game unless I have the CCD CD Tray enabled. All of my other drives are very new though compared to the Sony.

Any thoughts fellow cd freaks…:slight_smile:

It’s a bug in SafeDisc

This was my very first CD Burner. It is manufactured by Sony (one of the last), and is very limited on features; no buffer-underrun prevention technology, no overburn, no firmware updates…