Sony Crx145e Cd-rw = Slnx Cd-pw@rx145d ?!

Hi everyone, i would be amazed if anyone could trick this out.

I have a SONY CD-RW drive, CRX145E.
It has worked great over the last couple of years
The problem began after I bought a new
motherboard [ ASUS A7V600-X], the drive
workde fine after the installation, and no problems
so far, a couple of weeks later, when cheking BIOS
the name was corrupt, SONY CRX145E CD-RW had
changed to = SLNX CD-PW@RX145D
Ive tried everything reinstallation of different drivers,
switching the jumpers and so on, one day it actually worked
again, but the next day it did not.

I can see the drive in WinXP , it spinns and shows
in system management, everything seems great.
but it cant read the discs, it says the

“discstructure is damaged
and cannot be read”

Anyone know anything at all, please post/


Change the IDE cable for a new one.