Sony crx140e

I have the sony crx140e with 1.0s firmware and i cant brun on to re-writes the only one i have found to brun and easer on is a tdk 700mb can someone help:(

Hi there Blade2 and welcome to the forum.

Could you supply us with some additional information ? Such as the hardwareconfiguration , the software you use , the method of writing and what kind of operating system ?

I have XP driver i am using is XP i have try cd clone, Nero, Alcohol 120% i use there format programs and none work

What actually happens when you try to burn?

well with cd clone it say it full but it not, using xp it wont to be format with it own program and i try formatting and i can’t. i know there some wrong with this model becoz i know about to more people with the same cd rom and have the same problem

What is the speed rating of your rewritable disc? Are you using the 4x rewritables?
If I remember it correctly, Sony 140e cannot write High-Speed rewritable discs because its max rewrite speed is only 4x .

i am only re-writing at 4x

That’s not the point, really. A drive that isn’t High Speed capable won’t work correctly at 4x on High Speed CD-RW media (when HS CD-RW media first came out there were big warnings on the packs not to use it unless your drive had the High Speed CD-RW logo on it). Similarly High Speed drives that aren’t Ultra Speed capable won’t work correctly on Ultra Speed CD-RW media.

Your Sony is only specified to work at 4x on CD-RW, so is almost certainly not a High Speed CD-RW drive.

You may struggle to find original CD-RW media now. If this is a problem, a new CD-RW drive shouldn’t cost that much. 4x is very slow - modern rewriters are capable of 24x or faster rewriting.


well i guess it time for a new one does any can remain a good dvd recorded:iagree:

Take a look at this poll.


I have just developed the exact same problem and only with new CD-RW discs, and have been told to look for Firmware flash update for my model, still looking.

It’s waste of time, the latest firmware I’ve seen is 1.0s (if I’m not mistaken) and it doesn’t support HS RWs.