Sony CRX140E

What softwarepackages support this burner???

I have only succeded using WinOnCd.!!

I use Sony CRX100E. I write PSX using CDRWIN3 and write Audio’s with Nero and have not had any problems to date, except that I can not overburn. These progs are available if you ask around you will find them.

I have tried both CDRWIN and EZ cd creator.

But neighter can identify my crx140 as a “burner”.

Bandit, I dunno wut’s up with u’r burner…must be defective. i have a sony crx-140e and it works fine. i’ve used clonecd, and ez cd creator 5 platinum and they both work. the sony crx-140e was a top burner when it came out. it’s still good…but just not as fast as the newer ones.

I too have one, used CloneCD, Nero 5.5, Adaptec Create 4.0. All seem to work well and this seems a very capable, if but a little slow, CD-RW Drive.