SoNy CrX140E

iM HaviNg sOme StraNge prOblEm iN wHicH mY SoNy WriTer oNly BurNs aT a SpeeD oF 4x
wHen iT ClEarLy iS caPablE oF 8x
WhAt tHe He1L iS gOiNg oN
SoNy CrX140E 8x 4x 32x

what software?
what firmware?

i UsE CloNe cD
SoNy Cd ExTreMe
ANd cDrWiN
DoNt knOw aBouT firMWaRe

Were u burning on a CD-RW ???
Your burner is capable of burning 8X on a CD-R, but only 4X on a CD-Rewritable.
So that would explain it.

i WaS wrItiNg oN cD-R
aNd iT wAs TraNsfEriNg DaTa aT oNly 600k/s
oH mY fiRmWaRe iS 1.0c