Sony CRX140E?



Is anyone using this burner with CloneCD? I need to know if it will read the image to another hard drive and then write the image from that drive to a cd?
Help please


good writer, but not a good reader for clone cd. there is no writer that will read and write for clone, you need a toshiba reader for this.


I think I will just stick with my Plextor. Was just wanting another one to put in my other computer. Thanks for the reply.


Uhuh zombie, what do you think 'bout the Plextor R820Tsi? It rulez man, it reads and writes any protection that CloneCD is able to copy. Check this out: or !
If you don’t have a SCSI adaptor already, take the 2906 from Adaptec. Great value for it’s money!

That will do do trick i think.

Greetz Scorpion

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