Sony crx140e recognize all blank cd as cdrw

athlon 950 tb 256 ram
xp pro updated
Sony crx 140e (japan) 8x4x32 firmware 10s

alcohol 120 4.1.7 (Buils 1005)

media used
sony 48x cdr
verbatim 48x cdr
xerox 48x cdr

Problem: recognize all blank cds as cdrw
i fix the same problem one time (3 month ago) disassembling and assembling all components of the cdr-w

Please help me (i still waiting sony response sincce 4 month)

hey i got the same cdrw drive as u, crx140e and it has the same problem…u said u fixed it tho, how did u do tht? i would really like to know, i dont got any money to get another drive.,…u said u took it apart and reassembled it, did u do anything inside of the drive? plz resond asap thanks

It’s clearly explained.

Buy a new CD-RW unit?
CRX-140E is old and wont recognize RWs that are 4X or faster…

yeah i know its clearly explained, but by just dissasembling it and putting it back together, how would tht fix it?..well i dont got a lot of money, and i dont kno about buying one on an auction, it prob will b just as old as mine…and mine is only 5 years old, and i hardly used it, and its a sony, i thought sony made good products, i guess not…the thing should of lasted longer then tht, escpeially since i hardly used it…but if anyone knows where i can get a good quality cdrw for cheap, tht would b nice… thanks

sony have good & bad products like alot of other companies,regardless to the usage its only electronics and no peice of electronic lasts forever 5 years is preety good