SONY CRX140E Errors?

I havn’t had many problems before this, but maybe its the more recent game protections that are causing me problems.
I tried to back up Diablo II Expansion with CloneCD, I used Subchannel Data from Data tracks and Subchannel Data from Audio tracks (just to be sure). This worked (it copied) but the CD did not work correctly on the writer afterwards. It reads it once, when I try to access it (windows ME) but then won’t read again and it keeps spluttering and spinning for ever.
It did work on other drives but not very reliably. This is not what used to happen to me. I have burned other protected games and they did not do this.
So I tried burning it with nero in a range of different methods, and these didn’t work either, then I decided to try CloneCD again. And it worked fine. I used the same settings I’m pretty sure, I can’t remember whether I used fast error skip or not, if that makes a difference other than speed.
Now I’m trying to backup Descent 3 but it does the same thing. It also did it with Starcraft and its expansion. Does anyone know whats going on and how I can fix it?

Try it without sub-channel data!

thanks. but can you tell me why this would make a difference? I have tried backing up copies of CDs that were NOT burned with CloneCD. Does this make any difference? I mean someone them coudnt have had subchannel data cause the programs that burned them didnt support it.

I would first of all recommend you upgrade to the latest CloneCD version. As you can see in the Revision Histroy there have been a lot of fixes since the version you’re currently using. It might help you.

Get a detection programme called clony xl. It works in conjunction wth clone cd. It scans the cd 4 the protection and the sets clony up with the setting its has detected. I have that detection programme if u would like it?


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Thanks for your help. This is just the sort of thing I need. I am downloading it now.