SONY CRX120E help!

I got a SONY CRX120E which I tried to overclock to 10x (some hp firmware), two other ppl said that it worked, but it didnt… Right now it looks pretty dead…

Any tips on how to maybe fix it?

Dont throw away your drive, as this drive is capable of burning RAW-DAO 96 and thus can burn with AWS SafeDisc2!

Get someone with a ROM programmer and a CRX120 firmware file to flash it back into the chip

For this purpose, the chip may need to be unsoldered if it is no socketed. But a good friend will do this without charge for you.

If there is a possibility to read out the current firmware with a soft, I would do this and give you the file.
There are companies that will reprogram your ROM with new firmware for 10$ or less.