Sony CRX-320EE firmware update

I am working on a system that has a Sony CRX-320EE drive in it, and want to update the firmware. It is quite old, RYK-1.

First of all, I cannot (so far) find ANY firmware for this particular drive on Sony’s website. :a

So, I thought that I really should cross-flash it back to the OEM LiteOn SOHC-5236K, which it really is. :slight_smile:

I downloaded an updated firmware from LiteOn’s site for the above drive, but, of course, the drive is still a Sony and the LiteOn update refuses to do the job. :a

Again, so far, no luck.

Any advice or directions to a URL greatfully accepted. :slight_smile:

OK. I got an RK0-7 firmware for the SOHC-5236K from’s firmware vault. That worked great. Then updated the drive to version RK0-A which I got from LiteOn’s site.

That worked great too.

The reason I wanted to do this was because B’s Recorder Gold 7.35, when listing the drive’s capabilities, didn’t see that it would play DVDs or record CD-RWs.

Now it does, and the drive seems to be working great.

If anyone needs the RK0-A firmware, I can send it to them.

If you have a Sony CRX-320EE, you will have to FIRST cross-flash it with codeguys’ firmware, before you try to use LiteOn’s upgrade.