Sony crx-195a,always lite-on?

I cannot find a lite-on cdrw where i live.I have only found a sony
crx-195a.Is this always a lite on drive?Will i be able to upgrade it ,once i have it, to a lite-on 48x?
I have also found a sony crx-185 for less money.Will i be able to upgrade this one to?


I’m extremly bad at Sony models, but if it is >16x, it is very likely it is a Lite-On.
So yes. But there is 1% chance that it is no.


Can’t spell! :slight_smile:

can anybody give a more direct answer?

Yes. Sorry for being so blurry. Yes it is.
If it isn’t bonk my head! :slight_smile:

I want to overclock it to a 48x writer.Is there a chance that the crx185 model is the Lite-On LTR-32123S?Cause if there is i will not be able to overclock.I just want to know if the crx185 is the LTR-32123S or the LTR-32125w

According to Biggles on this thread, it is “a rebadged BTC - BCE 3212IM”.

bonkin my head to the wall

Don’t feel bad, the 195 is a lite-on, and the 185 is a BTC. - Maybe

Ah, I knew I was a little right atleast :wink:
Well then I can stop bonkin my head now :slight_smile: