Sony crx-175a1 -> ltr-24102b

Hello freaks. :slight_smile:

Just bought a LiteOn ltr-24102b bulk, but windows install it as a Sony crx-175a1.
The drive is labeled LiteOn Model LTR-24102B so I guess that it’s comming from LiteOn.
Have downloaded litefirm to extract the bin file from LiteOn’s 5s5a.exe file, and got a 256Kb file.
Using MtkFlash, booting from a DOS disk, I first extracted the Sony firmware and then flashed the drive using the 5s5a.bin file.
The first flash counted to 100% the second failed and the next 2 whent fine.
So now I have a drive that is unuseable. :rolleyes:
I have returned the drive to the dealer, and got another one, so before I give it another try it would be nice if someone could tell me why it whent wrong. :wink:

Try using MTK WinFlash: