Sony crx 175a ver 1.0h

hi guys
i know you are professional so i hope to help me

cdrw problems
how do i know if my writer can write 900 megabyte cds or 99minute cds and if it can not write this amount of data if i do it
it can burn or harm my cd writer
i have sony crx 175a ver. 1.0h
and i wish to buy a new one asus model 5232as or sa and i do know if it supports 900 megabyte cds or not i can not find any data on thier wesite so i assumed it do
not support 900megabyte and so what about sony 523252 or lg do it also supports 900mb cds
i can not find the msi writer in my country egypt and i have read on there site that it supports 800 cd and 800 cd so is it different than the other asus or sony in technology or is it something that
can be done by software or firmware like bios update so what is the secret about msi that supports 900mb and the others do not support them is it in hardware or software
i hope to know all information about the best that i can search about in hardware feature to be found on the writer that i should buy
thanks alot i hope to answer my question soon

sorry my email is hurry plz