Sony Crx-160e

I am about to purchase the Sony CRX-160E writer.
Is it suitable to copy every game, pc and psx. Especially the psx game final fantasy 9 (Pal UK). Any advice is appreciated.

My advice: Don’t buy it. Buy a Yamaha 2100E, it’s 100% compatible with CloneCD and it also is able to copy SafeDisc2 games (that’s a new protection that not all writers can handle). I’m gonna buy one :slight_smile:


PS. It writes CDR 16x CDRW 10x and has 8MB Buffer memory, nice!
It may cost you some extra coins, but it’s worth it! DS

I’m really doubting if the Yammie2100 can do SD2. I got some reports it does, but more it doesn’t! (I’ve deleted it from my SafeDisc 2 List)

But the 2100 is a good burner though. I still believe in Plex, but SD2 is also a problem with this one, although SubChannel Data (PSX) works great…

Grongi, you are wrong. Yamaha 2100 is not able to do Safedisc2, i have one myself.
But Acer 1208 does ALL protections.

Okay, thanks! Phew… Lucky me I haven’t bought it yet. Thanks again Zyron.


Thanks for the valuable info about the ACER.
What reader should I get to go with it? Or does it read well enuf to copy games?
Thank you,

The best reader is the Toshiba 1502 DVD IDE. This is a 16 speed and 48 speed cd.

ACER also reads just fine… The Toshiba DVD is also excellent (I have one myself), but I still use my burner to read the images, because most of the time I’m using the DVD to play movies while making an image or writing one :slight_smile:

I’m gonna buy this DVD.
I have allways looked for a dvd reader that does Subchannel.

One more thing. Remember to get the newest firmware for Acer 1208

I wouldn’t advise using the Acer as a reader since it only reads sub data/audio in RAW mode (not RAW96). I already have a PlexWriter that I am going to use as a reader when I get my NEW ACER!!! ;D

Anyways, PlextWriters are great at reading


How is my old UltraPlex 40 MAX at reading?
It’s scsi unit that is about 18 mos. old.

Iam sorry mate but the Yamaha 2100e/s cant do the safedisc 2 job. I have the SCSI (ofcourse) version my self and have done many many tests, i got American McGees Alice to work once, but only in an old Mitsumi 4x IDE CD-ROM. But buy one anyhow, its not worth spending money on a bad burner just for the safedisc 2 thing. I just love this burner and iam sure they will give Plextor a hard competition in a near future. I think Plextor did a terrible misstake releasing the IDE version of their 16x first, why? They have always released a SCSI version first in all time and their are many of us old experienced user who knows the Power of SCSI. I would like to speak more about SCSI writers, cd-roms, harddiscs etc but its not my point to decide which unit interface people choose... I would really like to know Ollis opinion about SCSI?
Finally: The Yamaha 2100s/e is a great burner at a fair price, i would say it`s one of the best on the market…limitation is SD2, but who cares if the burner beats everything else?


To how786: Check out the harware-required-list in CloneCD

To Merlin: Please tell me of the advances of SCSI, I would really like to know. If it is so good as you say it is, my next burner will be SCSI… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



The advances of SCSI are so many if you compare till IDE but i will try to explain the most important things shortly. Let us explain on the surface as iam not an engineer :slight_smile: With a SCSI interface you can connect up to 15 units (CD-rom, Harddisks, CD-writers etc) by using ID jumpers, 7 on each channel. And as SCSI uses its own processor it will only take about 10% of your CPU time, on IDE its up to 70%…How can you use multitasking with an interface that takes 70% of your CPU? Just forget it! I have a Adaptec 19160 Ultra 160 SCSI card myself and it uses 2 channels, on channel 1 (ultra 160 channel for use with harddisks) i have 2 ultra2wide 10000 rpm harddisks at 9.1GB each, and on channel 2 (ultra SCSI channel for use with cd-rom, writers etc) i have a Toshiba 1401 DVD-rom, Ultraplex 40max and the Yamaha 2100s. And as i explained earlier you can use up to 7 units on each channel, not bad aint it? Well, with this kind of system i can do a burning at 16x and still do whatever i want with my computer, surfing on the internet, working with photoshop, playmusik…Cause it wont effect your CPU time that much…But its not cheap so you should stick around with your IDE harddisks atleast, as todays IDE harddisks are great with fast reading and writer, but when reading and writing at the same time SCSI still is superior....My recommendation for you is to buy a cheap ultra SCSI card, Acard, Tekram or Adaptec, and a Toshiba 1401 DVD-Rom or a Ultraplex 40max and a good writer that can both read and write subchannels, Yamaha 2100s is great but the Plexwriter 12x is also a good one but costs Money! SCSI units uses much better hardware and would last much longer than the IDE units, you got more stable burnings and a faster system…
Hope this helped you and many others out, if i did`nt explain something correctly feel free to ask…


Hey! I only have ONE comment to that…

Thanks for your very informative explanation Merlin. SCSI is inderdaad the best solution. My next burner will be SCSI. Thanks again.


I can only agree with Merlin The Wizard… if you can afford it that is.

I have an IDE system and I’m very happy with that even though I can only use/place four devices. But it’s enough for me. The writer I have uses BURN-proof and I have had to use it more than once :wink: The system really slows down when burning something but with the 7200RPM harddisk I have the buffer always stays at about 90-95% The only big advantage of an IDE system is that it’s a lot cheaper (I’m Dutch so we’re always cheap ;))

So IDE is good, but SCSI is better if you can afford it.