Sony CRX 145E



Does any one know if Liteon or any other firmware will work with this writer.
It is a 10/4/32 speed writer at the moment.


If I’m right only 16X sonys and newer is made by Lite-On. The older drives was made by sony.

Overclocking probably not possible.


No, it’s not a Lite-ON.


the last orignal sony burner was this 12x drive with DDCD (1,3GB discs…) support… all newer are LiteON drives.

This burner cannot be overclocked… (but you could overclock a CRX140e to CRX145e… ) I had a HP9100i (which is in fact a CRX140e) and oc´ed it to HP9300i (which is a CRX145e) but its not possible to oc the CRX145e, as far as i know. :wink: