Sony CRX-140E Problems

Hey I have a Sony CRX-140E 8X/4X/32X burner and as of late I have had alot of buffer underrun errors, and stuffing up alot of cd’s I have done a fresh install and the drive had been working previously perfect but yeah any suggestions ?

I s there any flash upgrades for thsi drive which may help ?

Check your aspi layer and dma settings for the drive and hdd

Originally posted by Oz.

Here we go again, check the ASPI…

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask which software is being used and on what OS before bringing up this ASPI stuff? [/B]
Ok… lets suppose it is nero and he uses XP, or it’s feurio and he uses Me, or …

Would it actually make any difference? What it would come down down to at the end of the day is that he’d have to check his aspi and dma settings. 99% of these problems are cauzed by this. Buffer underrun problems usually are not burning software related (although different burning apps have different settings for the buffer and do have some differences) Believe me i have answered/fixed this a lot of times and seen it answered/fixed thousands of times .

Im running Windows 2000, and Easy Cd creator 5, as it was worse with nero, I dunno if dma is set on or what not how do you check in 2k ??

Oh and I am using frcASPI17 fro my aspi layer

I think i found the dma settings I did the properties on the primary and secondary IDE channels and it just says DMA where availble, if there is away to set this on etc or this is incorrect let us know

I used frcASPI17 as I could not rip digitally from my drive for ripping audio cd’s to mp3’s in audiocatalyst etc I am currently using a different brand than usuall but have burned on my usual princo cd’s witha few bad burns only time will tell if thats the problem

Windows 2000 and XP DO NOT NEED ASPI
Yep you’re right, windows 2000 and Xp do not need to have additional aspi installed. But then again i never implied they have to. you should spent some more time reading ones post before going for that post button.
I can’t speak about win2000 since i’ve never used them, but as far as winXP build-in software, all i can say is that i’d personally never trust it (being Roxio and all) for burning my cds.
and installing a needless (AND destructive) ASPI, mostly from Adaptec, THATS WHEN THEY GET INTO TROUBLE AS DESRIBED BY THIS POSTER.
Well for starters, i never said that he had to install anything. I just suggested he should check his aspi layer, something he could have done with aspicheck or whatever. So it all comes down again to the time you spend on reading other ppl posts.

As far as wether adaptec aspi can cauze anly problems or not, you are entitled to your opinion. Again, i never stated he should install any software (force aspi - adaptec) so what more can i say. My personal experience is that people that have adaptec aspi properly installed usually don’t run into any aspi problems - but then again this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with that.

I have seen people (like you) telling other people thouseands of times to check their ASPI, and dont recall seing more than 2-3 actually coming back saying that it fixed anything, and they would always be on a 9X system.
Now that’s someting based on your own experience …
I myself has burned thousands and thousands of CD’s on many different computers, notebooks and desktops, 6 different Operating systems, and 6 different burners, and god knows how many different burning programs, and I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ASPI PROBLEM.
Good for you :wink:

So in the interest of the newbies, stop telling them to install ASPI as your first shot at solving problems, that is what one newbie tells another newbie.
Again, i never told anyone to install any aspi…

Try reading other ppl posts a bit more carefully. Here’s some help:

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Check your aspi layer and dma settings for the drive and hdd

[EDIT] Actually i don’t really think there’s any disaggreement here (by all means, aspi are not the answer to all problems and can cauze problems in some cases), so i see no reason for this to go on :wink:
Have a nice day :slight_smile: [/EDIT]

One other thing.

the burner worked fine before it broke? Did u install any software lately?

Approximately how long have you had the 140?
And could post the error messages if you get them, those are sometime helpful when trying to troubleshoot a problem

Perhaps you could defrag your hd or check what kinds of programs you have running ?