Sony CRX 140E -> HP 9300

After reading the overclocking articles on, I foolishly tried flashing my Sony CRX 140E with the HP 9300 firmware and for the most part it actually works. I can burn at 10x now with everything except Disc Juggler and Nero. Now I want to try and flash my Sony Drive back to the Sony firmware but the Sony flash program doesn’t recognise the drive anymore. I’m hoping to get my hands on the HP flash program and substitute the BIN file with the Sony BIN file in hopes it will be back to normal. I downloaded the 9300 firmware, but it won’t even install because it looks for the support programs that come with an HP 9300 drive. They mention a DOS flash EXE but I can’t find it. Any chance anyone has the HP DOS Flash program? Can you tell I’m desperate for solutions?
if you have it, please email it to

"I foolishly tried flashing my Sony CRX 140E "

Why foolishly ?? it worked, didn’t it??

“I can burn at 10x now with everything except Disc Juggler and Nero” << but can you still burn at 8x ?? or hasn’t it been working at all after flashing???

Neither Disc Juggler and Nero work at all anymore at any speeds. I was able to restore my old firmware to make the drive look like a CRX 140E again. It took lots of experimentation but finally got it to work. Below are the instructions.

I found a way to get my Sony Drive to look like a Sony again. You must use the 1.0n Flash program (d140e10n.exe) and the 1.0p firmware (update.bin), and the following switches. If you don’t use the switches, the EXE doesn’t recognise the CDRW attached and says “CRX140E not attached”. The switches are all undocumented and won’t show up doing a /? at the end of the EXE. I looked through the hex and found them.

From boot disk:

d140e10n update.bin /M /2 /F /AT

/M = master
/S = slave
/1 = primary IDE chain
/2 = secondary IDE chain
/AT = AT bus
/F = Force?

Anyone know where to get the 9300_10c.bin ?
This is the actual firmware.


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Thanx alot m8