Sony Creative Software Unveils New Tools for 3D Blu-ray Disc Production and Video Editing



Blu-print 6 and New Z Depth Application for Vegas Pro 9 Provide Innovative Stereoscopic 3D Production Tools for Authoring Studios and Professional Video Editors

MADISON, Wis., April 8 /PRNewswire/ – Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced Blu-print 6â„¢ Blu-ray Disc authoring application and the brand-new Z Depthâ„¢ 3D subtitle offset editing application. As one of the first professional 3D Blu-rayâ„¢ Disc authoring products available on the market, the upgraded Blu-print 6 will be capable of authoring 3D titles in accordance with the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) 3D Blu-ray disc specification to greatly enhance workflow capability for production facilities and professional video editors. Blu-print 6 allows for easy import of MVC encoded content along with support of 3D menu graphics and subtitle graphics. 3D Blu-ray Java integration also allows for user interactivity like BD-Live. To assist editors creating 3D subtitles, the new Z Depth application generates the required offset metadata file needed in a 3D BD project allowing editors to more accurately and easily position subtitles when creating 3D Blu-ray Discs.

“With the home entertainment industry, consumer electronics manufacturers and consumers eagerly awaiting the introduction of 3D on Blu-ray, Blu-print 6 and Z Depth 3D subtitle offset editing application will enable editors and disc authoring professionals to provide a seamless 3D viewing experience for home audiences,” said Dave Chaimson, vice-president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “Given the precise balance of art and technology needed to produce 3D Blu-ray Discs, production professionals require powerful and specialized new tools like Blu-print 6 and Z Depth for Vegas Pro 9 to deliver content that exceeds the high expectations accompanying the excitement for 3D at home.”

Blu-print 6

As one of the first professional-level 3D Blu-ray disc authoring software systems available, the new features of Blu-print 6 will allow studios to author 3D content for the new 3D Blu-ray format standard Profile 5, import new MVC encoded streams, and work with Z Depth for 3D subtitle authoring. Designed for high volume professional production, the updated Blu-print 6 software will also include support for offset metadata integration required for 3D Presentation Graphics and 3D Interactive Graphics. 3D BD-J integration and 3D Blu-ray Disc cutting master generation is also supported in order to provide maximum intuition and flexibility for complex authoring projects.

Z Depth Feature Highlights

The all-new Z Depth subtitle offset editing application uses the video power of Vegas Pro 9 to provide a combination that will allow 3D authoring companies to easily create required disparity metadata files for positioning of subtitles and IG menus in a 3D Blu-ray Disc production. New to 3D BD production, the Z Depth application will allow 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring facilities and subtitle creation companies to produce accurate subtitling in the 3D space that will allow for the most comfortable viewing experience. The BD spec offset metadata files created by the application can be used in any 3D Blu-ray Disc authoring application that follows BDA specifications Profile 5. There are no special hardware requirements for Z Depth, though it is highly recommended that editors use the Presonus Fader Port for data input. Vegas Pro 9 is required for Z Depth integration.