Sony Copyright protection

Hello, I a novice to anything DVD, so here goes. I am trying to copy some of my childrens movies because they are ruff on them and I want to have a copy in case they ruin them. I am using DVD Shrink, and DVD decryper, plus I use DVD+CSS Free. I can open the disk and see the files, but I can not see any video files in the video folder of sound folder. I tried to copy entire disk instead of reauthor, but got errors. I tried to use DVD decrypter but It could not even read the disk, errors. Any idea what I might be over looking? I have copied several movies that I have bought and never had any trouble.

Try Ripit4Me with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. You can get it here . Make sure you have the correct versions on Shrink and DVD Decrypter. You can download them there also I believe. Download the Installer (Bold Red Print) if this is your first time. It’s all free!

Right on with Ripit4me!

It’s free, continually updates the newest schemes and is as close to one-step as I’ve seen.

And did I mention it’s free???

First off DVD Region Free / CSS hasn’t been updated since about Oct. 06 so it can’t handle the newer DVD’s so that program is almost useless now until they get an update. Also Ripit4me takes 4 steps

Rip,Shrink and Burn. Comes up 3 to me. :confused:

so are dvd shrink 3.2 and dvd decrypter any good for anything any more??? and have they bought out any newer ones after these???

dvd decryptor still works with a lot of movies. Beside that, someone correct me if I am wrong, but ripit4me uses dvd decryptor as part of it. It just kind of automates some of the more advanced functions of it since it is no longer updated.

Ripit4Me helps DVD Decrypter to do things that it could not do on it’s own since DVD Decrypter is not being updated anymore.

Well mine goes to Ripit4me, Dvd Decrypeter (to HD), DVD Shrink, then back to Decrypter to burn (4 modes) :rolleyes: DVDFAB Platinum by far is the best 1 step program out there with many options including going to ipods and psp plus it can do HD DVD and Blue Ray is coming shortly. You can d/l a full working party and use it free for 30 days to try it. That wouild be my option instead of going thru all those extra steps. Just my 2 cents worth but everybody has their favorite program :bigsmile:

I think (haven’t used shrink in ages) that if you have nero, you can burn direct from shrink so you skip the last step.

I agree that DVDFab is an excellent program. I’ve used it since it first came out. I just gave the poster one of many options to remove the newer copywrite protections. :wink:

even using Nero to burn isn’t that still 4 steps ? rip ,copy to hd,shrink,burn ? I don’t know as I don’t have Nero

An update just came out last night that it will do HD DVD now and the ability to do Blue Ray is coming out soon and that is truely a 1 click program I think

RipIt4Me latest version and upgrade is capable of removing the latest Sony’s protection.

You may also use AnyDVD as another option. This is a transparent background driver which makes a disc seem unencrypted. I use this when DVDFab is not up to date on a new Sony protection.

Also another great hands on encoder is the Gordian Knot on

And how to use it is right link, sorry.

Personally I just use anydvd and nero recode. It’s pay software but you couldn’t get simpler. effectively its about the same as doing it in shrink without all the extra steps.

Just remember RipIt4Me give you whatever others give you but with no money goes out of your pocket (It IS Free).

I found that using dvdfab gold a new software can copy sony copy protected
dvd such as ROCKY BALBOA, CASINO ROYAL ETC. You can download a free
trial for free. Remember use it only for your own personal backups.
Good luck!