Sony confirms online pass for all future games



Sony confirms online pass for all future games.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It looks like every Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios game is going to require an online pass to play multiplayer. Online passes often come in games and require the owner to input a code in order to access online content like multiplayer. If someone purchases a game preowned, and the code has already been used, a new code must be purchased often at a fee of $10.

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shrugs all the big companies are doing it. I don’t do much multiplayer so i don’t care. I’ve bough Mass Effect 2 2nd hand, which requires some stupid online code and still don’t care.


Honestly, if games weren’t so bloody expensive in the first place I’d probably buy more new games… This is a total turn-off from buying their games… Luckily, I don’t do multi-player very often, so it shouldn’t affect me too much.