Sony Computer Entertainment boss: we're aiming for the most consumer friendly retail model possible



Sony Computer Entertainment boss: we’re aiming for the most consumer friendly retail model possible.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Andrew House took over as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment just last year, but already has a hardware launch under his belt. Today, the company's latest handheld game system PS Vita hits European and U.S. shores, offering select games at a lower price when bought online. Despite certain titles not enjoying the digital discount, House believes PS Vita software pricing is "consumer friendly."

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I guess it depends on the size of the games as to how much room they take up on a flash device. Otherwise it could become quite expensive. Much like MP3 players now though who needs to take their entire library on the road? If these thingsa are/were wifi then just put it up in the cloud like iTunes match. Pay a one off fee to access your library of games. Or maybe a yearly subscription where you can rotate older games for newer titles.