Sony comes with standalone Divx player

I just posted the article Sony comes with standalone Divx player.

It seems that sony wants to earn some money on the divx story, because it’s bringing out a stand alone divx player wich should come out @ 01/04/2001 and should cost around £600

These are some…

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@ 01/04/2001 April fools day… :9 Is this for real!!!

Sony comes with a divx player on 1 April? :4 Sounds like a great joke :slight_smile:

I hope not cause it sounds really cool! DVD and DivX, what could you want more? :wink:

To bad a new codec probably will come in near future, then that player won’t be worth much if the new codec becomes popular. Unless Sony comes with patches/upgrades that is.

well i got the in from a computer store maybe they wrong or right i don’t know they only sent me the info … and they say they also preorder so if its an april fools joke they got to be the biggest fools … 200 mails allready sent to customers :4

Component video output !?!?!? Tray downloading system !?!?!? either you guys are about the dumbest fucks ive read about in modern history, and cannot see the diffence between COMPOSITE and COMPONENT, or SONY has hired a wordspastic freak without arms. HAHAHAHAHAHHAH! jesus CHRIST , once again, CDFreaks people has proven the dumbest

Ohyeah better check his definitions out before spouting off a bunch of shit. There is a difference between component outputs and composite outputs. Anyone over 12 knows that. Why is she even here if she doesn’t like the site? Maybe a job would keep her away…:d

hahaha :r Is that guy on crack? You dont have think to far people… Common sense… Lets see Divx= Pirated DVD Movie, yet we see Sony in plans of backing it up by making Divx players? I THINK NOT Case Closed. -P.S Can someone filter the comments here?

All the big companies take advantage off illegal formats such as mp3 and divx. They just say that you must rip and decode your own movies, just like they said with mp3, you must rip your cd to mp3. Who would have bought a mp3 player if mp3’s weren’t availiable through the net?

@Genius-20o0 Your right … but maybe they don`t want to support Div-X :wink: but DIV-X the obsolete pay per view DVD standard. Portable MP3-Player suck! :r :r :r GO get youself a MD Player. Or do you want to pay 120 bucks for a flashmedia card with 64mb ??? A md is much cheaper…