Sony, Comcast open joint store in Philadelphia

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Electronics giant Sony and cable powerhouse Comcast have joined forces and are in final preparations to open a new joint high-end electronics store in Philadelphia, PA.
Both companies will focus on…

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They open a what store?

LMAO this is too damn funny “high end store” WTF Sony needs to paid the ransom for their kidnapped CEO of their France’s Tape manufacturing division LOL!! before they open up yet another failure.
WTF was Sony thinking letting some morons from the UK run Sony ?? not the I am dissing all people from the UK but it was under their watch that sony is dying!!!

Sony talk to Nintendo about how they do business in North America!! NO F@@KING ordering rights force all Retailers into AUTOREPLEN!!! Hence the much less overstock and not many returns or dumb ass exchanges lmao because their ain’t any to exchange to!!! Nintendo got it right Sony and Microshaft got it wrong!!

I sure hope Comcast hires some experts in customer service because the company team doesn’t know jack shit about how to retain or treat customers They are even less talented when it somes to delivering on their promises of good service. Comcast does real well where customers have no choices due to the antiquated and corrupt franchise system that allows them to establish little monopolies. However, in a world of competition most folks would dump the rude jerks of Comcast in a flash. Comcast has got to know that they can not run their brick and mortar operation in the same sloppy, knee jerk and amature way they have managed the cable and internet business. The folks over at Sony should stick to manufacturing and pay attention to their core business before they loose focus and float up on the beach. This is not smart business and Comcast is not the partner they need

LOL…two companies both proven to be deceptive to consumers open a store…lol. (Sony w/ rootkits, Comcast w/ Network throttling)