Sony Colour Mix 50's - ARE THESE TY?

Greets all,

I’ve found the following CD-R’s in (not quite) abundance in New Zealand, and I’ve got a 10-pack of the same packaging cd-r’s made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden, but was wondering if anyone else has seen or used these discs, and knows if the spindles are still TY?

It’s extremely difficult to find TY in NZ - or much other quality media, and this is from an online store so it’s a bit of a gamble.

They’re $25NZ for a 50-spindle, that’s about US 30c/disc atm for reference. Same price as a Verbatim DLP spindle in NZ…

The image:

Any takers?

Look for the label. If there is a Make In Japan than it’s TaiYo Yuden :slight_smile:

wow that is to expensive go here they online sell 100 pack for 19.99

deleted referrer link.

usaguy, he’s not in the U.S. He already pointed out that they are roughly $.30 per disc in U.S. Dollars. And he’s ordering them online so he can’t look at the label.

KyRoWire, maybe you can email the company and ask them, I don’t know what kind of retailer you are talking about but if they are a small retailer they may be able to tell you if they are all ‘made in Japan’ or if they are all TY spindles. Beyond that I can’t help you.

in my country

5color 32x = TY
5design 32x = TY
5color 48x = NOT TY, maybe Hitachi Maxell?
5design 48x = TY

That sounds promising - what country ?

well the picture is a ty spindle, but buying media online u wont alwyas get what u see

so better make sure they are made in japan

Well, the results are in - they’re not 1-32x like on the spindle, they are 1-48x, and Made in Taiwan :(.

And I was hoping… Argh.


I’ve got four spindles of 1x-32x Sony Color Mix CD-Rs and they’re all TY, but it looks like things have changed! :frowning:

Still, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.