Sony closes its Walkman factory in Japan and moves out

I just posted the article Sony closes its Walkman factory in Japan and moves out.

 Since the 

original cassette tape based Walkman launched in 1979, Sony has been manufacturing its Walkman products ever since in Japan. Back in the 80’s, Sony lead the portable music…

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Talking about miniaturization and console style closed system experiences, one can hardly counting out on Jap, especially sony :wink:

History tells us, they pirated the idea of the walkman cassette player, from a Brazillian inventor, and only added minor improvements! Alas , even in those days , they were too cheap to pay adequate royalties, for all the units they made ! Oh well ,these days most of sony’s products seem to be either rebadged or contain inherent design defects, or limited service life built in for free or other yet to be detected nasties! It is ironic, that they complain about piracy today, when they themselve, have a corporation steeped in a history of piracy, of other peoples ideas! :r

good bye now just close the rest down and we wont be unhappy to see you go crash n burn s$ny

The japanese pirate all the technological ideas. Anyway Sony lost out because their products were too DRM restricted. Take a long hard look at Minidiscs and you will see what I mean. A great deal of people dumped MD and moved to MPG players cause of that sole reason.

Sony’s products are not more DRM’d than Apple’s. Their mistake was that they used the rootkit crap and now they are paying for it. It won’t take long before Apple will screw-up the same way and maybe they will lose their market leadership with their over-hyped, over-priced, over-DRM’d, over-U2’d player.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about! Apple has NO DRM on their hardware only on the tracks you purchase from them. you can use standard MP3’s with an iPod.