Sony claims Blu-ray had 95% Australian HD market in October

I just posted the article Sony claims Blu-ray had 95% Australian HD market in October.

Sony has commissioned a report to make it look like Blu-ray has pretty much won the format war in Australia, with a 95.2% market share of the Australian HD market, leaving the reaming 4.8% with HD…

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$ony needs to just shut up for a bit. The more they talk, the less I believe.

When HD-DVD wins the format war there’s going be a lot of piss offed Aussies

There already are. They are now buying US PS3s so that they can get cheap Region A disks from Amazon…

yup, totally true, blue-ray seems to be the winner in Australia, personally i don’t care which one wins, just as long as it gets sorted asap, or at leat when dual players/recorders become more the norm … like with +r/-r

The installed base of Blu-ray and HD DVD players is pretty small in Australia so this “claim” is pretty stupid by Sony. Smacks more of desperation.

I’m not buying either just yet until a clear winner worldwide emerges. You could get 100% of Aussies buying blu-ray. And if Sony doesn’t happen to win, it won’t bother them in the least to just dump us all like hot potatoes. Such a small market for them to worry about when there is umpteen times more money to be made everywhere else. They’d leave us all with very expensive paperweights. The PS3 buyers would still have a games machine, but the rest of us will have nothing. :frowning: Got burnt long ago with Betachord vs VHS (even though Betacord was far superior). Won’t happen to this lttle back duck AGAIN!!!
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