Sony CEO: Xbox 360 'lacks longetivity'

I just posted the article Sony CEO: Xbox 360 ‘lacks longetivity’.

In a rather interesting interview that has left gamers and journalists scratching their heads, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai issued a few statements that can be fairly explained as borderline…

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“You need a word that describes something that lacks longevity”

Heh heh, I thought that was the definition of “Game Console” since NONE of them last, they ALL get replaced with newer/better versions. I guess it just depends on your definition of longevity. While I still have a functional original Atari 2600, I don’t really ever use it, but it does still work, is that longevity? Or is it how long the item gets used? I have a pair of 28 year old Bose speakers that still work great, get used daily, and will likley be in use longer than any of today’s game consoles. The time frames between major updates to today’s consoles just doesn’t make me think longevity. :slight_smile:

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai: "And with the Xbox – again, I can’t come up with one word to fit. "

Gee, I don’t know…how about profitable?

The PlayStation 1 was in production for 11 years. The PlayStation 2 still is (about 10 years now). The Xbox was only in production 5 years. Maybe that’s what he was referrring to.

Nothing new, anyone with a clue knew they created the PS3 hardware to last about 10 years like its predecessor the PS2.

They are using the exact same marketing scheme as PS2…except this time their competitors are fighting evenly.

I kind of agree with him when he says Wii is not in the same competition. PS3 and X360 are targeting mainly gamers while the Wii is targeting children, casuals and even old people.

The Wii is a gadget, mine has been taking dust for 6 months now because of lack of anything interesting coming out on it. Pretty much keeping it because they announced new Zelda and Mario for 2010.

i think that technology goes too fast this days so is more than good 5 years and 10 is just oldfashion which can’t longer be.

@Crabbyappleton…totally agree with you there…lol, that one was funny.

I like how this guy can talk and say that his console is leading the industry…hmmm…lets see here, you’re leading with a console that has few games that are keepers, keeps losing exclusives, and the same old Sony Mantra of making grand promises, but rarely delivering.

Let’s see, for the PS3 not to fail, Home better be way more improved than the garbage right now that is the beta… oh yea, one other little thing (Which I am really excited for), Killzone 2. You are hyping this thing way up, and if it comes out and is a killer, I will applaud Sony for their achievement. But, if it fails, and sucks, then the PS3 will be doomed. Guess you guys will have to look at breaking your 10 year life cycle and come out with a cheaper PS4 quick.

Of course they don’t want to say the Wii is in the same category. The Wii is kicking all of their collective asses bigtime and it doesn’t have the souped up graphics of the PS3 or XBOX 360. Why is that? Maybe everything isn’t about the best graphics. I think it is laughable how they brush off a competitor because it is doing better than they are. While Nintendo is raking in the dough from their console, Sony’s losses on the PS3 keep piling up past the $3 billion mark. What would be funny, is if Nintendo came out with a console that had better everything than Sony or MS just to see how fast Sony’s, “They are not competitors”, attitude would change.

I suppose if you’re in last place, the natural tendency is to attack the ones ahead of you in sales and profits. Perhaps Sony should focus more on making their console more profitable instead of attacking others. They are also in denial if they don’t think the Wii is competing in terms of marketshare. For example, I personally would like to get the PS3. But, I bought a Wii instead due to my family. The lack of support for our PS2 games was also a big knock against the PS3. Sony take note.

I agree with everything Hirai says.

The Majority of the comments above have been posted by people exhibiting all the foresight of a 4yr old child.

Flame baiter…

1/10 - Must try harder

[I]that has few games that are keepers[/I]
How can that be, every third party game that has came out, has been released on both the Xbox360, and PS3.

Are you honestly telling me there are only few good games. At Christmas there was an absolute flurry of fantastic games that came out at the same time on both the PS3 and Xbox360 and it was almost impossible to keep up, in six weeks time Resident Evil 5 comes out too.

The only problem Sony has with the Ps3 is its price, its almost double that of the Xbox360, which is the reason for the poor sales

Hardware wise its in a whole different league from the Xbox

If Sony can drop the RRP price to around £200 by next Christmas I believe it will definitely outsell the Xbox360.


Oh dear, your Sony polaroid glasses working well for you I see.

There’s a game called ‘Left 4 Dead’ which isn’t out on PS3, and is not coming out on PS3.

The Hardware - well, what I laugh at is the fact you Sony fanboys come on here and start ranting this and that without backing it up with ANY tech specs at all. The Xbox 360 has a superior graphics card to the PS3, this is FACT - it has also less bandwidth limitation around its graphics subsystem. However, in real world gaming performance I would estimate they are probably about equal - so please don’t try any of the ‘better hardware’ garbage, as it’s utter nonsense. This isn’t about simply hardware alone, the 360 has better games, does it at better resolutions (the PS3 GTA4 for example plays at a lower res, and upscales), and generally is better for gaming all round. The PS3 has a bigger storage medium called blu-ray - but this does not create better games. Hi-def movies ? Well, judging by the sales nobody really cares that much. Sony won’t do very well this generation… not that I care… I have a nice PC which more than suits my gaming needs.

Of course the Xbox 360 will be by the wayside in 5 years as there will probably be a successor the same with the wii and i dont think sony will get away with a 10 year lifespan the next xbox will probably be way superior in processing power as it will be made years after it the PS3 with will in turn cause sony to release an new version to compete.


One thing I am not is a Sony Fanboy, at least I hope I am not. In this instance they are by a huge margin the much better of the two evils.

If you check quite a lot of my past posts, they have been my lambasting Sony on their attitude for the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war situation

I was the firm backer of HD-DVD, and was hoping for them to win, they did not so I was forced to buy a PS3 for my hidef playback

From that I was actually amazed with what I had been putting up with when owning an Xbox360, as the PS3 is a much better made console, its completely silent and runs much better

When I said hardware wise I wasn’t talking about comparing the memory, Graphics Card performance or CPU (even though I believe the PS3 has a more powerful CPU, but the Xbox360 has like you say the more powerful GPU).

What I was talking about is how pathetically made these Xbox360’s are. You say you are a PC owner, which shows why you do not understand the plight of an Xbox360 owner, the Xbox360’s, in particularly the Xenons are the most pathetic poorly made piece of trash ever made.
They are also guarenteed to sooner or later fail, and usually sooner, and Microsoft do not care.</p>

The three year warranty is a serious red herring as they just keep repairing the console with more Xenon parts, knowing they will just sooner fail again, and not with the Jasper or Falcons. Wouldn’t you put that down as poor hardware?

If you had a CPU/GPU in your PC that is almost guarenteed to self destruct within a year or so, and the manufacturer doesn’t care, but is also going around gloating how much money they made off selling that defective CPU/GPU to people. Would you then recommend to your friends to buy that CPU/GPU. Or would you recommend them to not touch it with a barge pole?

Furthermore Left 4 Dead, which I agree is an absolutely superb game, behind Call of Duty the best FPS game ever made, is coming to the PS3 this year.

Once Microsoft start getting their act together on correctly repairing the Xbox360’s, and not just simply giving people more Xenons, and then just a 3 month warranty on repaired consoles, as replacements, then I may reconsider what I said. (but by that time it will be too cold in hell to type anything anyway).

PS3 overall hardware is much better than X360. Comparing graphic cards is stupid, I never thought I’d see that kind of garbage here.

PS3 components are top notch quality, the X360 is a piece of trash waiting to be returned to Microsoft every 6 months.

Thank you Ramza, now can you hand me back my Sony polaroid glasses
(Sorry, no offence Vic_M but couldn’t resist that last bit it).

Hmm…yeah graphics cards on a gaming system not important at all…

before i start getting ripped to pieces here that i’m a sony fanboy, can i make the point that the PS3 and the 360 is comparitable by the graphics/CPU hardware it uses(PS3 has more powerful CPU, but the 360 has a more powerful GPU), however, where the 360 fails, is its DVD drive. nobody in this day and age should have to disc swap, or compromise on length of game or graphics, due to the disc being too small to put your game onto!!

if they had came out early with a HD-DVD drive installed internally, the HD-DVD format might have had a chance and Ms also should have put an update for the extrnal drive to be able to play games in!

I have to admit that the PS3 is a still a little pricy for a game console at this point in its life time!