Sony CEO wants to go back in time, avert high-def format war

Customers aren’t the only ones frustrated with the high-definition format wars—Sony CEO Howard Stringer is reaching the end of his rope as well. Blu-ray, which is backed by Sony, was doing well up until recently and winning the war based on merits, Stringer said at an event in New York. That is, up until movie studio Paramount decided to “change sides” and go exclusively HD DVD in August. Things have apparently become more difficult since then, and the high-profile CEO is showing signs of wear.



never never never would I buy any blu-ray it made by sony and I do not buy sony. They are the ones making it hard to back up your movies.

Article should read: “Sony CEO: Why won’t HD-DVD just F@#k off and Die?”

I for one applaud sony’s work on optical systems & would prefer a better standard of product, rather than just letting whatever win because it’s cheaper.

If HD-DVD, which is simplistically a modification of DVD, didn’t exist everyone would be using blu-ray by now and the new HD format would be significantly cheaper & better anyway.

If sony had 1/2 a brain, they’d flood the market with $200 Blu-Ray players made in china, even at a loss, just to win the format war :wink:

Of course … brownie points to whichever camp realises this idea & implements this policy first :stuck_out_tongue:

no way sony would never do anything at a loss that is why they make it so hard for people to make copies of movies they own. greeeeeeed

Sony (marketing jerks) make 1 failure after another…no surprise their brand is known as a disgust in the public… :-X

sony -> “so nie” in german
english -> “never so”

ROFL @ Chef’s translation–thanks for the VERY interesting input from German! :slight_smile:

While I can understand the idea of Blu-ray and why some might like it, I partly echo what Slysoft puts in some of its changelogs: don’t buy Blu-ray because of its pernicious copy protection, or otherwise support something that deliberately tries to complicate the consumer’s right to have an archival copy of the movie one bought. Even just updating a Blu-ray player’s firmware just to be able to play some movies (as I read yesterday) is a royal pain in the butt, with one person complaining of having to do 3 firmware updates–just to be ABLE to watch ONE particular Blu-ray title! that’s incredibly ridiculous and tells me Blu-ray is to be avoided like the plague.

Don’t we all just love politiics :wink:

Politics is screwing the world …
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just release new technologies without all these rediculous restrictions.

The blu-ray protections are holding blu-ray back.

“So Nie” isn’t doing themselves a favour with the rediculous copy protections.

Damn! So Nie, just flood the market with cheap computer based blu-ray writers, which can read HD-DVD & they’ll have an instant success on their hands :wink: