Sony CEO Howard Stringer equates Linux to piracy

Sony CEO Howard Stringer equates Linux to piracy.

[newsimage][/newsimage]At a recent shareholders meeting, Sony CEO Howard Stringer, claimed that the reason Sony was targeted by hackers was because they were protecting their intellectual property.  Stringer's specific quote to shareholders was, "because we tried to protect our IP (intellectual property), our content, in this case videogames.”

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The real question is: was Anonymous the first to break in or were they only the first to be detected?

Well, Stringer sure has that Sony corporate attitude down pat. He certainly hasn’t done anything to make me want to purchase anything with a Sony name on it again.

In the whole article it said:

In a letter to the Senate, Sony executive Kaz Hirai implied that the hacking collective responsible for the attacks was Anonymous.

Why complain to the US Senate ?
Sony global corporate headquarters is in Japan. Why not complain the the Japanese government?
Also isn’t Anonomous primarily located in Europe ?
Why not make the complaint there?
Don’t waste the US Senates time . They need to be working for the benefit of the US citizens they represent . With current situations in the US from economy to everything else . There are a lot more important problems for the US Senate than someone hacking SONY.

I suspect that the Japanese Gov hasn’t been bribed the same way as the US Gov has so they won’t react the same way…

Maybe Stringer and Steve Jobs are golfing buddies, a a pair of losers.