Sony CEO: HD-DVD and Blu-ray in tie

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Yes! There isn’t a day passing by or we can report about the ongoing battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Today we can report that the CEO of Sony, Howard Stinger has called the battle…

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The PS3 will make the Blu-ray format victorious whether we like it or not. If the 360 had forced the HD-DVD format on their console, HD-DVD would stand some chance. Just wait until the PS3’s price is set to an affordable price in about 2 years. Just like in 2001 where the PS2 popularized DVDs, they will do the same with Blu-ray. Another scenario would be that new players will be able to play both formats and then it would not be an issue any longer much like the +R -R fiasco for anyone who remembers.

“Today we can report that the CEO of Sony, Howard Stinger has called the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray a tie.” -with all due respect thats NOT what he said. A tie in this case could be when 2 formats take over the market equally successful. But this is not happening. Its a “stalemate” otherwise referred to as a deadlock, meaning both are loosing the market niche equally well. Anyhow, if Sony is not claiming the victory any longer, the grass may really be greener across the fence, and with Paramount’s decision plus the recent HD hardware price drops it seems very likely.

PS2 popularized DVDs? Where did you get that? It was all the cheap Chinese DVD players made DVD popular.

that and the cracked CSS :slight_smile:

“PS2 popularized DVDs? Where did you get that? It was all the cheap Chinese DVD players made DVD popular.” Good point. But many of my friends and acquaintances bought the PS2 primarily because of it’s DVD capabilities and second for it’s gaming abilities. The PS2 was my first DVD player as it was for many others. Needless to say, only then did I start purchasing DVDs. I was thinking more in those terms.

Actually dadida is correct, it is a fact that PS2 put DVD players into millions of homes when there were not many sold yet, and was the catalyst caused prices to plummet. This happened years before cheap players came around. It won’t happen for Blu-ray for PS3 this time though.

Sorry , I ment Tray was correct not dadida, but I can’t edit my above post because I posted as a guest by accident.

I love how this article (posted all across the internet) has made all the Sony fanatics foam at the mouth. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the PS3 isn’t going to win the next-gen format war. When HD-DVD and BD were about tied, Sony kept announcing their clear victory. Now that BD is obviously losing, Sony is offering a tie. How hilarious is that? The BD player in the PS3 is mediocre. Just like the DVD player in the PS2 was mediocre. Anyone who assumes that piece of junk is going to win the format war is delusional. A “real” BD player costs $600-$900. See this article: One single factor will decide this format war: price. When Joe Average goes to Future Shop or Best Buy this holiday season, looking for a better alternative to his DVD player, which do you suppose he will choose? The $99-$199 HD-DVD player or the $599-$899 BD player? Even the crappy budget BD player you kids call the PS3 is still $399, well above affordable for most people.

Kashim is correct, PS2 with it’s poor DVD capabilities did not make DVD take off the way it did, cheap DVD players were responsible for that… thanks to Apex… if players had remained at the $200+ price point there would be nowhere near the amount of penetrations into the average household for DVD players and VHS would still be hanging in there… when players hit the $99 mark they started flying off the shelves… when they hit the $50 mark even the lower income households were jumping on the DVD bandwagon… and the ones that still couldn’t afford them gave in when they dropped to $29.99 and less… partly because by then they had reached a point where they were cheaper than VHS, and with the studios and video stores dropping support for VHS they figured they may as well give in… $29.99 also made many who already had players start buying 2nd and 3rd ones… PS2 had nothing to do with it, and PS3 won’t have much to do with this war other than being usefull to Sony to try and inflate how many homes they have gotten Bluray into… sales of the PS3 aren’t that hot. A $99 price point for an HD player that is backwards compatible with standard DVD’s going into a holiday season where stores are going to be pushing “HD this” and “HD that” due to the broadcast TV changes in 2009 is just going to push HD sales that much more, it makes a great x-mas gift for someone who has everything couple that with people getting familiar with the term “HD” and it will just add more sales to it, there will be many that will choose it because they have no clue what “Bluray” is… (the Bluray name always has been stupid and was a nail in the coffin from the start). Once again leave it too the greed of Sony to be the end of a format war… they should have learned to stay out of the home entertainment business when they got their asses handed to them on a platter with Beta (even though Beta WAS a better format) They should have stuck to gaming… maybe if they would have spent all of their time and money on it they could have made a PS3 system that wasn’t a piece of sh*t… I said it from the start, bluray was doomed, same way I told everyone VHS would kill Beta and DVD would kick Divx ass in the original DVD wars… some people just don’t get it… DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BLURAY IT WILL BE A DEAD FORMAT IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS!!! God I hate to be right all of the time :slight_smile: