Sony CDX-185E1 ... is it Lite-On?



I've searched far and wide to find out if I can upgrade my sony CRX-185E1 32x10x40 firmware.

So far I found that the A1 is a lite-on (,
and that the E3 is a BTC... I also found another post on another forum ( that states the E3 may be a different firmware version... Is there any way to check my drive to see if it's a Lite-On or not, and if so, if it can be upgraded?



Well, if mtkflash works with it, then it could very well be a Lite-ON.


What firmware version do it have?


The firmware version is XYS2.


Then it’s a Lite-On.


But you may not be able to upgrade it if it’s a 32123S. At best, you could flash it with the current Liteon firmware.

If it’s a 32125W, it can be upgraded to the 48125W (Use VS02).


It’s a LTR-32123S…