Sony CDU5221 Turbo Boost doesn't work

Hello there,

I got the Sony CDU5221 drive and i have been told that i can boost it speed to X52 by pressing the eject button for 5 seconds. The first time i did it it worked, but since then it seems that i can’t enable this feature.

Any idea’s?

I can hardly believe that! The drive will always try to read as fast as possible, unless you set readin @ lower speeds.
The problem is, if media is hard to read from, the drive simple can’t read it faster. So even if you could could force the speed to 52x, you probably will get lots of readerrors. :confused:

I’m using Nreo CD-Info in order to see the speed of the drive. The first time i did the “trick”, it shows X52. SInce then, it’s stuck on X40. What can be the problem?