Sony CDU4811 is choppy


I have a Sony CDU4811 48x CD rom drive and I have been having troubles when I burn CD’s using it and my CD-R since I bought my PC. I thought it was from buffer underrun issues but I was able to easily burn CD’s using the CD burner by itself. Recently put a music CD in the Sony drive (for the 1st time) and the CD skipped constantly. I installed something called CD bremse to slow down the speed of the CD thinking that would help but nothing changed. Do I have a lemon here or is something not set up right. In my settings the DMA box is not checked, I dont know what that is.

Any suggestions

Read your PM…

Did you ever resolve your problem with your Sony CDU4811 being choppy? I have the same problem.
Is it DMA related? I can’t get Windows to accept it’s IDE connection as UDMA.
Is UDMA supported on this device?
What a waste of space the Sony website on these matters!

PS: Did you ever work out what “Read your PM…” meant?
If he meant Product Manual I never had one