Sony CDRWDVD CRX880A problem



I am working on a dell inspiron laptop 1521, and I cannot even get the cd tray to open, well I can open it manually by using a paper clip.
My problem is that I have updated the drivers for it, uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and just cannot get the cdrwdvd to read any media cd or dvds. I hope someone can give me some solutions to the problem, it has been very frustrating, thanks everyone.


That is a mechanical problem then, unfixable with drivers…


Hi jiggz.
I had the EXACT same problem with the exact same dvd drive on my Inspiron. (I hate this thing by the way)
I followed any steps I could find in any forum that even seemed related. After a while it just seemed hopeless and I gave up. A few months later to my surprise the thing just started working again! (Well… SORT OF)
Actually now (out of nowhere at all) it will open on its own, it will read cds and DvDs. But it WILL NOT recognize ANY BLANK CD/DVDs. I cant burn anything.
I wish I could tell you what happened that made it somewhat functional again, honestly I just left the laptop off for those couple months and somehow it retained some functionality. If I figure anything out I will let you know. I hope you get an answer to your problem here. I will be watching for one too heh heh.


Either trythe drive using a NEWinstalled OS from scratch or using another computer/adaptor.


Hi and Welcome!

please attempt to burn a disc using ImgBurn and post the log.